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Alexander Technique in the News 5.26-6.1

The Alexander Technique has benefits that are far reaching across many careers as highlighted in this week's new round-up which shows the benefits for professional opera singers, dentists (and other healthcare providers), as well as music students:

The San Fransisco Classical Voice came out with an interesting article about mezzo-soprano J'Nai Bridges, who mentions the importance of the Alexander Technique in her ability to meet the challenging demands of the role of Carmen:

"Bridges credits the Alexander technique for 'improved posture and movement, which is believed to have helped reduce and prevent problems caused by bad habits. This also tremendously helps me sing with less tension.'

Of the physical requirements, Bridges says in this production 'I am bending down, rolling on the floor, being pushed, and dancing — all to be very conscious of, because the voice is affected by these movements.'"...

Dr. Anikó Ball , a dentist with Optimal Dental Posture in Melbourne, Australia, advocates for the use of Alexander Technique for dentists who have to work long hours standing and craning difficult positions over their patients. She was so inspired by the impact that the Alexander Technique had on her own career that she trained to be an Alexander Technique practitioner and gives workshops to fellow dentists on how they can help themselves:

“My motto has long been, ‘take care of yourself as you are your most precious instrument’,” she says. “I also often say in my workshops that I’ve seen dentists who take better care of their cars and their various clinical handpieces than themselves!..."It requires a new way of thinking and knowing it’s no longer okay to twist ourselves into a pretzel in order to do the job. Before you think about that complex job in the patient’s mouth and what instruments to use, you need to implement a process where you think about how you are going to bend, what posture you need and what is the best position to do this.”

The University of Colorado - Boulder has a Wellness Program that features the Alexander Technique to support the students in their music school. James Brody, an Alexander Technique instructor and oboe professor at CU, started the program in 2003. The article looks at the rigorous demands that are made on music students both physically and mentally, and how important it is for schools to invest in wellness programs and the Alexander Technique as a resource for musicians.

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